Columbia County Utilities


Your bill statements are generated once a month and are sent out directly from Columbia County.  Your bill should be paid in full by the 11th of each month. Payments made / dropped off after the 20th of each month are considered delinquent  and will acquire a $25.00 Later Fee.

Accounts that due not pay by the 20th of each month are considered late and are due for interruption there for acquiring a reconnection fee of $50.00 that will appear on your next bill.

In order to get reconnected your delinquent balance would have to be paid in full.

All Columbia County Utilities can be paid using our Nexbillpay link located on the Home page of this website. You can also make payments over the phone using the updated Nexbillpay number for the Fort White Residents Columbia County Utility Service at (855) 346-2291. Town Hall will have Liz Ott available for in person payments on Monday's and Thursday's from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Payments can also be made directly with Liz Ott at (386)719-2025 and she can also be contacted at Lott [at] ().

Payments can be dropped off at the Columbia County drop box located next to the front door of theTown Hall right across the door at the Sheriff Station / Tax Collectors Office. These payments will be collected twice a week on. Once on Mondays and once on Thursdays.


For all billing information and adjustments contact Ellen Snyder at (386) 758-1005 or email at Esnyder [at] 


In order for Fort White residents to have water you must first fill out and turn in a application, you can download your application for New Utility Service by going on the Contact Liz Ott at the information listed above.